Dear prospect students

Welcome at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.

Our Faculty was born in 2002 with the aim to create new and attractive study programmes, evolution of which is intimatively related to the scientific activities of our Faculty staff. The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences provides education in the areas of procedures associated with the processing of raw materials and foodstuffs of plant or animal orgin, technologies of food production and protection, viniculture, biotechnologies – which are not limited to molecular biology exclusively, but are expanding towards plant and animal biotechnologies, strategies of how to take advantage of novel techniques and procedures in the production of high quality food products, applied biology or in an effective assessment and control of food quality and safety. Alongside with Bachelor study programmes including Applied biology, Agrofood, Agrobiotechnologies, Food quality and safety, Viniculture and enology as well as Master study programmes (Applied biology, Food technology, Biotechnologies, Food safety and control), the Faculty provides education in Doctoral studies throught the programmes of Food technology, Molecular biology and Biotechnologies. Hence, our Faculty offers a well-rounded, full and complex university education.

Furthermore, you can significantly improve the quality of your studies by choosing to educate yourselves abroad as undergraduate or graduate students thanks to a fruitful collaboration between our University and the Agricultural University in Viena, Austria or during your PhD. studies taking advantage of our international study programme in animal biotechnologies created in collaboration with Poland and Italy. At the same time, it is possible to expand your scientific knoledge via the ERASMUS+ as well as other scholarship or fellowship programmes carried out at diverse foreign universities or research institutes.

A young and progressive team of workers at our Faculty has created numerous forward-thinking research groups, known for highly regarded and valued scientific outcomes. Research and scientific work, which includes supervision of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral theses, is focused particularly on highly upt-to-date topics of a great perspective in the areas of biotechnologies and food safety, with a national as well as international impact. Our staff members are regularly listed among awardees of national and international prices, honorary scientific or academic titles, honorary mentions and acknowledgments issued by the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic or by the Rector of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra for excelent scientific outputs or for an outstanding publication activity.

As academics and teachers, we are always proud of the achievements of our students who have been repeatedly honored with the Student Individuality of the Year Award issued by the President of the Slovak Republic, Awards from diverse scientific or academic institutions, as well as various supporting and recognition  grants awarded by different foundations operating in Slovakia.

In order for us not to get lazy, our academic and research staff is constantly driven to evolve and to increase the quality of our study programmes, which cannot be possible without outstanding and targeted research strategies followed by advancements in the scientific knowledge. We are the only Slovak Institution to perform research focused on the whole complexity of the food chain - „from the soil, field, stall to the table“ applying the potential of traditional and modern food technology and biotechnology. An inseparable  complement to this complexity are procedures related to the food quality control.

Dear friends, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences is here to offer you the best quality education by means of contemporary, attractive and up-to-date study programmes.

At the same time, your studies at the Slovak University of Agriculture will enable you to spend the best years of your lifes in a beautiful city – Nitra, the city of Youth. Furthermore, the Slovak University of Agriculture has created great conditions for the scholary life fusing space for academic growth with a broad array of pastime opportunities. Our flagship extracademic activities include the possibility to join our folklore group Zobor or student theatre club, as well as a broad offer of athletic or recreational sports.

John Amos Comenius  once said: „Education is essential for a human to become human“. The circumstances and ideas of the present age fully confirm his thoughts. What is more, in accordance with the context of our scientific work we may agree on the following quote: „There are only things that are unknown, not things that are unknowable“. Dear students, we look forward to see you at Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.,