Characteristic and function


The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences was established in 2002. Its creation at the Slovak University of Agriculture was approved by the Accreditation Committee, an advisory body of the Slovak Government, at its session on 21-24 May 2002. At the request of the Chancellor, on 26 June 2002 the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was assigned by the Ministry of Education the document registration number 1302-6a/2002 that entitles it to execute all activities connected with a new faculty.

Based on this decision, a concept of the faculty´s development was prepared. The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences (FBFS) launched its activities on 1 January 2003.

Elections to the Academic Senate were held on 13 - 15 November 2002. On 25 November 2002, its first session was held at which the Chairman and vice -chairmen of the Academic Senate (AS) were elected. Dr. Dana Urminská has become the Chairman of AS FBFS.

Elections of the dean of the Faculty were held on 17 December 2002. According to the results, prof. Jozef B u l l a was elected by the senate and inaugurated by the Chancellor as Dean of the FBFS.

The Faculty is dedicated to the objective of educating experts oriented to knowing, understanding and managing with biological, technological and economic sciences specializing in modern processes of food production, evaluation and processing and specific products of biotechnologies. The main goal is to achieve the biological and technological integrity of the "agricultural product - food "system.

The Faculty provides a three-level accredited education leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science (Bc.), Master of Science (MSc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.). Education programme of a 3-year study for a bachelor´s degree and a 2-year study for master´s degree comprise compulsory theoretical and special subjects and optional subjects of selected branch of study. This system enables the student to make his study flexible and profile it by himself.

For completion of a study for a Bachelor´s degree, a state examination and degree paper are required. The graduate is awarded a Bc degree. A state examination whose part is a discussion on thesis is necessary to complete a study for master´s degree, the graduate being awarded a MSc. degree. In the field of food technology, every student for master´ s degree can choose a line of study according to relevant specialization represented by a set of special subjects and chosen thesis topic.