Dean´s welcome


Dear current and future students,

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. The Faculty was established in 2002 and offers modern and attractive study programmes closely connected with scientific knowledge and practice. The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences offers students interesting study programmes at the bachelor, master and doctoral level and provides education in the field of biotechnology, biology and food sciences.

Within the biotechnology study programme, you will gain knowledge in the field of plant, animal, microbial, food and environmental biotechnology. You will learn about mapping the genetic biodiversity of cereals, pseudo-cereals, oilseeds and legumes. Moreover, you will learn to evaluate the quality of animal genetic resources, use natural-based antimicrobials, make nutrigenetic analysis of selected animal model genes and genes related to food safety and consumer health.

Within the biology study programme, you will gain knowledge in the field of cell and molecular biology using molecular, biochemical, analytical and microbiological methods and genetic engineering techniques. Biological research offers you the opportunity to analyse and determine the effects of biologically active substances and extracts on the physiological processes of animals, evaluate the effects of bioactive natural substances on cells and cell lines, assess the negative effects of hazardous substances in the food chain.

Within the food sciences study programme, you will gain specific knowledge in the field of processing plant and animal products in terms of keeping the nutritional, hygienic, technological and sensory value of food. You will gain knowledge in the field of soft drinks, viticulture, malting and brewing, gastronomy and food safety and control. You will actively participate in the research aimed at evaluating the quality of milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, honey and bee products, cereals, oilseeds, legumes, root crops and special crops.

Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of higher education within the study programmes and acquire great practical skills in faculty laboratories and the AgroBioTech University Research Center. Every year, our Faculty participates in national and international educational and research projects and supports students' education and their research activities and mobility within the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programmes. In addition, European Institute of Innovation and Technology established the unique EIT Food Hub at our University, focusing on food. We actively cooperate with the European universities and institutions to help shape a new generation of scientists and graduates who will succeed in a challenging competitive environment and successfully start their professional careers at a European level.

Our team of teachers and researchers constantly follows current trends, innovative practices and possible scenarios of the future in order to share this knowledge within the scientific and student community.

In addition to excellent conditions for scientific life and academic growth, we offer students a wide range of leisure opportunities. You can become a member of the Pasteur Student Association or participate in sports or other physical activities in the university's facilities. Moreover, young people can spend the most beautiful years of their lives in the attractive historic city of Nitra - the city of students.

prof. Ing. Norbert LUKÁČ, PhD.
Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences