Field of study: FOOD SCIENCES

Form of study:

      • full-time 4 years (internal)
      • part-time 5 years (external)

Language: Slovak

Graduate profile

The graduate is prepared for independent creative scientific activity and related activities in the field of agri-food research, development and education. He knows scientific methods of research and development, technological procedures of the production of healthy food and the possibility of wider use (including non-food use) of agricultural products and materials. Within the PhD. study, there are created the specific conditions of mastering the professional terminology in the world language, as well conditions of study stay at foreign universities and research institutes. Therefore, the graduate will have the appropriate opportunities to enter to the labour market in Europe and in the world as well.

Graduate employment

The graduate of PhD. program “Food Technology” is able to perform scientific research, recognize and bring his own solutions to problems in the field of agri-food related to the optimization of production of raw materials and food, the utilization of by-products (waste-free technologies). He is able to use new knowledge in the field of applied chemistry, physics, microbiology, and special food technologies. He is able to apply the principles of scientific work, formulation of issues and methods of solution, he has knowledge in the field of research, development and production of raw materials and food, processing of by-products, legal and environmental contexts and aspects of the issues to be solved. He is able to independently present the results of his work (publishing and pedagogical activity). The graduate can be employed in the field of scientific research and development, or educational process at the university (assistant professors) having the possibility of further professional growth, in the field of independent research work at research institutes focused on the agri-food industry, as well as in manufacturing companies and consulting companies in the Slovak Republic and abroad.

The topics of PhD. thesis

Field of study: Food Sciences

Program of study: FOOD TECHNOLOGY