Strategic Aims in Research

The main strategic aim of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences is to improve the quality of research in the field of applied biology, agrobiotechnology and food sciences through the modernization of workplaces and the creation of a center of excellence.

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences has specific laboratories established for performing analysis and experiments and solving different research tasks. These laboratories are equipped with unique devices and tools and help students to link the theory to practice.

The Center of Excellence for White and Green Biotechnologies has been established in the premises of Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. It is a unique research facility, consisting of several laboratories, and equipped with top-level devices and tools. The center was built within the operational program Research and Development ITMS 26220120054 and financed from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund. The Center of Excellence has created favorable conditions for the direct cooperation of the research with social and economic practice and enables the effective transfer of scientific knowledge into practice. This center consists of Analytical laboratories, Biotechnology laboratories, Genetics laboratory, Biomass processing laboratory.

Other laboratories established at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences are Laboratory of nutrigenomics, Laboratory of quantification of motility and characteristics of cellular and subcellular structures, Laboratory of environmental and food analysis and Reference rheology laboratory.