• Graduator of the study program: prof. Ing. Jozef Golian, Dr.
Master degree

Graduate knows principles of microbiological and chemical food safety, both horizontally and vertically, principles of integrated approach from „farm to table“. He can manage food traceability issue, evaluation and analysis of information from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed and has knowledge how to recall the products from the market. Graduate can apply, develop and evaluate a system of risk analysis with the use of mathematical and predictive models in terms of the precautionary principle in order to protect human health and communication about safety of foodstuffs.

By completion of compulsory and compulsory optional courses of the study schedule graduate is able to:

  • obtain and use the principles of traceability of raw materials and foodstuffs in the whole chain of their production and apply them to specific conditions of the food enterprise,
  • obtain and apply knowledge about the strategy of risk analysis on a scientific basis in terms of management evaluation and communication,
  • apply knowledge of mathematical models, statistical evaluation of the results and their application in control work,
  • use of modern analytical methods for food control, their authentication, detection of food adulteration,
  • professionally can give opinion on draft legislation, on this basis can formulate changes, e.g. in food labeling, in application of nutrition and health claims etc.,
  • manage food information systems and databases, manage and document the internal control system in the enterprise within the food safety team and top management,
  • analyze, document and evaluate crisis situations to forecast potential risks at the enterprise level and in communication with the public and the media,
  • apply engineering methods and processes at food preservation, sensory, microbiological, physical-chemical analysis of foodstuffs,
  • perform prediction and prevention of alimentary diseases, toxicological and mycological examinations,
Career opportunities for graduates

Graduates are found in food enterprises in the teams of food safety, in company laboratories and in management, control and audits. They are recruited in the state and private laboratories to control food safety, at advisory consulting services, in the field of accreditation systems in food industry, legislation formation, estimating of food risks. Management of the safety in the distribution and business level, and also in public catering are another job opportunities for graduates. They are found in food education institutions, state divisions, at the foreign inspection institutions, in cooperation with the European Food Safety Authority, scientific panels and working groups as well.